Saturday, March 30, 2013

Chiang Dao Butterflies March 2013 - Lycaenidae Part 1

The Lycaenidae are another very large family, with many species recorded in Thailand, and include the many and difficult to identify Blues of which there are very many!! 

Subfamily: Riodininae
Common Punchinello Zemeros flegyas
Subfamily: Curetinae
Angled Sunbeam Curetis acuta dentata

Subfamily: Polyommtinae
Banded Blue Pierrot Discolampa ethion
Elbowed Pierrot Caleta elna
Common Red Pierrot Talicada nyseus
Black-spotted Cupid Tongeia ion
A rare Thai butterfly
center Common Hedge Blue Acytolepis puspa
Tiny Grass Blue Zizula hylax
Plain Cupid Chilades pandava pandava
Forget-me-not Catochrysops strabo strabo
Zebra Blue Leptotes plinius
Peablue Lampides boeticus
Common Cerulean Jamides celeno 
White Line Blue Nacaduba angusta
Large Fourline Blue Nacaduba pactolus
Barred Lineblue Prosotas aluta
White-banded Pierrot Niphanda asialis
All photos taken at Chiang Dao 3rd-22nd March 2013

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  1. Hi Neil

    Am thinking of going to Chiang Dao next March for butterflies, are they easy enough to spot there? Any advice will be appreciated.