Friday, March 29, 2013

Chiang Dao Butterflies March 2013 - Nymphalidae Part 1

The Nymphalid are a big family which comprises of a dozen sub-families, which include the Tigers, Browns, Ringlets, Nawabs, rajahs and Fritillaries.

Once again all photos from Chiang Dao between March 3rd and 22nd

Subfamily: Danainae
Chocolate Tiger Parantica melaneus
Striped Blue Crow Euploea mulciber mulciber
Subfamily: Satyrinae
Common Treebrown Lethe rohira rohira
Banded Treebrown Lethe confusa confusa
Red-tailed Forester Lethe sinorix sinorix
Talbot's Fivering Ypthima akbar
Malayan Fivering Ypthima nebulosa
White-line Bushbrown Mycalesis malsara
Subfamily: Charaxinae
Common Nawab Polyura athama
Great Nawab Polyura eudamippus
Three Shan Nawab Polyura nepenthes nepenthes
single Great Nawab Polyura eudamippus 
Black Rajah Charaxes solon
Scarce Tawny Rajah Charaxes aristogiton aristogiton
Subfamily: Heliconiinae
Red Lacewing Cethosia biblis
Common Leopard Phalanta phalanta phalanta
The Rustic Cupha erymanthis erymanthis
The Vagrant Vagrans sinha sinha
Common Cruiser Vindula erota erota

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