Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Chiang Dao Butterflies March 2013 - Pieridae

The Pieridae family includes the whites and yellows and the puffins, gulls and albatrosses. 

Again all photos taken at Chiang Dao between Mar 3rd and 22nd

Red-Base Jezebel Delias pasithoe
Spotted Sawtooth Prioneris thestylis thestyli
Indian Cabbage White Artogeia canidia canidia
Common Gull Cepora nerissa
Lesser Gull Cepora nadina nadina
Chocolate Albatross Appias lyncida
Common Albatross Appias albina
centre Spot Puffin Appias lalage lalage 
Burmese Puffin Appias lalassis
Yellow Orange Tip Ixias pyrene yunnanensis
Common Wanderer Pareronia anais anais
All three of the above Lemon Emigrant Catopsilia pomona pomona
a very variable species
Common Grass Yellow Eurema hecabe hecabe
Three-spot Grass Yellow Eurema blanda
Tree Yellow Candaca harina distanti

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