Saturday, March 30, 2013

Chiang Dao Butterflies March 2013 - Nymphalidae Part 2

The second batch of Nymphalidae butterflies, photographed at Chiang Dao 3rd-22nd March 2013 

Subfamily: Limenitidinae
Common Sailor Neptis hylas
Studded Sergeant Athyma asura
Black-veined Sergeant Athyma ranga
Orange Staff  Sergeant Athyma cama cama
White Commodore Parasarpa dudu dudu
Common Commander Moduza procris
Clipper Parthenos parthenos
Common Earl Tanaecia julii
Gray Count Cynitia lepidea
male Common Archduke Lexias pardalis
Subfamily: Cyrestinae
Common Map Cyrestis thyodamas thyodamas
Subfamily: Apaturinae
male Indian Purple Emperor Mimathyma ambica
female Indian Purple Emperor Mimathyma ambica
The Siren Hestina persimilis persimilis
Subfamily: Nymphalinae
Blue Admiral Kaniska canace 
Common Jester Symbrenthia lilaea
Himalayan Jester Symbrenthia hypselis
Chocolate Pansy Junonia iphita
Lemon Pansy Junonia lemonias lemonias
Yellow Pansy Junonia hierta hierta
Autumn Leaf Doleschallia bisaltide
Indian Leaf Butterfly Kallima inachus
Subfamily: Libytheinae
Club Beak Libythea myrrha

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