Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October moths

Attacus atlas
probably a female with a wingspan of  25cm!

Though it has been wet day after day recently, there has been good numbers of moths attracted to light around the resort and along the road. The wet days have also given me a chance to try and identify some of the moths photographed over the last couple of weeks.

Attacus atlas
freshly emerged probably a male as only has a wingspan of 20cm!
Samia canningii
currently very common
Loepa diversiocella
Circula jordani 
Ambulyx canescens
Ambulyx tattina
Comostolodes dialitha
Bocula divergens
Kunugia placida
Phalera parivala
Parasa darama
Parapoynx fluctuosalis
And some yet to name:-

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  1. That second to last one is very odd -- not even sure what family that could be.