Monday, October 28, 2013

More Amurs

Despite overcast conditions and low cloud yesterday, there was an initial early burst of Amur Falcons moving north with 63 through by 930am and then nothing. Little else on the move apart from a steady passage of Indochinese Swiftlets south, with 3750 by mid day.

The temple was busy and noisy yesterday morning and perhaps as a result birds kept a low profile, however in scrub and trees between the temple and Malee's a flock of 18 Rosy Minivet was noteworthy, around the temple car park an Orange-breasted Trogon showed briefly and two Speckled Piculet were also present. Species that seemed to have increased in recent days include Grey-crowned Warbler with two around the temple and a further two in scrub at the back of the garden and Spangled Drongo with at least 50 in three flocks in tall trees around the temple and Malee's.  

Not much chance of any passage today, rain, low cloud and visibility of just a few hundred meters.

Have attached a link to a short talk on the amazing migration of globe skimmer dragonflies across the Indian Ocean, timings and route mirror that of Amur Flacons and no doubt explain the incredible migration of this bird of prey.

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