Friday, October 18, 2013

Prize Fighter

Very little birding and few birds seen over the last couple of days, due to heavy continuous rain, the poor weather did force several thousand Himalayan Swiftlets down low to feed and yesterday at least three flocks of Ashy Minivet were seen in the area totaling around 75 birds.

Siamese Rhinoceros Beetle
Xylotrupes gideon
In addition to moths being attracted to the light, a fantastic selection of other insects are often drawn in, a few nights ago a male Siamese Rhinoceros Beetle Xylotrupes gideon crashed into the light. Males are much prized by the locals who hold beetle fights, where large sums of money are often exchanged as males fight over females! 

lamiinae sp
The above yet unidentified beetle was small but brilliantly colored. Whilst cutting the grass an amazing katydid Sanaa intermedia was flushed.

Sanna intermedia
On days when the weather is much better, several Green Dragontails are usually present around the garden.

Green Dargontail

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