Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thailand Moths - Part One

A selection of the many hawkmoths caught one night

Over recent years I have been running a moth trap on an infrequent basis whilst in Thailand during the winter months, mostly at Chiang Dao in Northern Thailand. The trap is very basic set up, I purchased a small 6 watt strip light from Tescos and swapped the fluorescent tube for a UV one also purchased from Tescos, the whole set up costing just a few hundred Thai Baht (four or five pounds sterling). The light was placed over a cardbox, a white sheet or simply on the ground, as the photos show the results were impressive. 

Atlas Moth Attacus atlas
Lebeda sp?

Possibly Antheraeo frithi

Death's Head Hawkmoth Acherontia lachesis
Daphnis hypothous
One night I was joined by a couple of friends for a beer.


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  2. Blimey, wouldn't mind finding some of those in the moth trap at Holme!



  3. thank you. glorious everythings with wings