Friday, February 17, 2012

Glossy Ibis

After a long day in Bangkok yesterday, I was glad to get out for an early morning wander around the patch. As usual large numbers of birds were flying over having departed various roosts, amongst these were two Glossy Ibis, this is second time I have recorded this species here, the previous record being one on 8th March 2007. Glossy Ibis used to be a rare bird in Thailand, but the last few years has seen a surge in numbers, especially at Bueng Boraphet were a reasonable flock is now present most winters.

Large numbers of Open-billed Storks were present around the site with 1500 estimated to be mostly feeding amongst growing rice. Also noted was a tight flock of 33 Whiskered Terns flying through north, whether these were migrants already moving north or local birds I am not sure. Also present this morning was a single Watercock, two Black Kites, four White-shouldered Starlings and a single Red Avadavat.

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