Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Scopac in action

In August I was visited out on the island by Paul Lee and Rosemary Voiter of  LVS Products, suppliers and designers of scopac the backpack carrying system for tripods and scopes, they supplied me with a Scopac. I will be honest, over recent years I had seen many birders using them but resisted buying one and stuck with the standard tripod shoulder strap, as a result I had been using my scope less and less, only usually taking it out into the field for sea watching and looking at waders and hardly ever for general birding. A few days after Paul and Rose visited I fitted the scopac to my tripod, all off a sudden carry my scope and tripod around with me was no longer a burden and as a result I am now hardly ever out birding without my scope whether it is general birding on the island in Norfolk or forest birding in Thailand. I recommend everyone to give it a try no more back or shoulder ache, the version I have includes a pocket for field guides, sun block etc and a pouch to carry a water bottle. Buy one now, it will be one of the best investments you make this year, for more information visit www.scopac.com.

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