Monday, October 13, 2014

Ashy Minivet and Drongo's

Quite a few new migrants on the patch, Ashy Minivet were especially evident with at least three flocks totaling 87 birds noted, two of which seemed to depart south. Other new migrants included three Ashy Drongo  two of which were striking white-faced leucogenis birds and the other probably a standard mouhouti bird, two Spangled Drongo and a good influx of Taiga Flycatcher with at least ten scattered around the site, six Red-throated Pipit and a huge female Peregrine.

There was also an increase in the number and variety of warblers, with 25 Oriental Reed, 9 Dusky, 7 Black-browed Reed, 5 Yellow-browed, 3 Two-barred, 3 Pallas's Grasshopper, and single Lanceolated and Thick-billed Warbler.  Other migrants included 6 Common and two Black-capped Kingfisher, 13 Whiskered Tern, 17 Brown Shrike, 3 Black-naped Oriole, 4 Asian Brown Flycatcher, 9 Eastern Stonechat, 8 Red-rumped Swallow, 2 Richard's Pipit and 8 Yellow Wagtail.

Again good numbers of waders, including an apparent influx of snipe, with 24 Pintail and 12 Common along with 8 Painted. Totals for other waders 265 Black-winged Stilt, 120 Wood Sandpiper, 80 Oriental Pratincole, 23 Grey-headed Lapwing, 19 Little-ringed Plover, 5 Temminck's Stint, 4 Common Sandpiper and 2 Common Greenshank,

Also noted this morning were single Stork-billed Kingfisher, 2 Watercock, Eastern Marsh Harrier, 14 Yellow, 2 Cinnamon and one Black Bittern, 4 Yellow-vented Bulbul and 20 Asian Golden Weaver.  

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