Friday, October 3, 2014

Painted Snipe

Walked around a different area of the patch this morning, which is a little drier and has more scrub and trees in the hope of finding some migrants. Star birds  though were 17 Painted Snipe including several bright females flushed from an area of dry paddies, along with a Common Snipe.

Migrants included an Asian Paradise Flycatcher, a new Chestnut-winged Cuckoo, 4 Common Kingfisher, 3 Asian Brown Flycatcher, Black-naped Oriole, Richard's Pipit and 16 Brown Shrike. Overhead migrants included 8 Grey Heron south, along with a flock of nine Chinese Sparrowhawk. Oriental Pratincole were much more in evidence with at least 100 feeding high over the site.

Resident species included 3 Freckled-breasted Woodpecker, 4 Yellow Bittern, Black Bittern, Bronze-winged Jacana and 23 Asian Golden Weaver.  


  1. Hi there
    thankyou so much to report
    accidental found your blog this morning during search for a picture
    of Banded bay Cuckoo
    This blog ic very useful for me thanks

  2. would you please help me Identifiy some type of birds
    thanks a lot

    1. Fell free to get in touch about some birds you need identifying. if you have an photos email them to me and i will get back to you.

      Best wishes