Thursday, November 22, 2012


Acherontia lachesis
Having finally invested in all the so far published volumes of the moths of Thailand, I have started the huge task of putting names to some of the hundreds of photos which I currently have on file. I started with the hawkmoths believing these would be straight forward, they were a bit more of a headache than I imagined  but managed to name most. All photos are of moths attracted to light at Chiang Dao. Any identification mistakes are my own, if anyone has any identification comments I am more than happy to receive them.
Agris convolvuli
Daphinis hypothous
Ambulyx clavata
Ambulyx moorei
Hayesiana triopus
Found dead on road
Macroglossum sitiene
Megacroma obliqua
Poliana leucmelas
Psilogramma increta
Theretra clotho
Theretra nessus
Angonyx testacea
Acosmeryx shervilli

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