Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Pond Heron sp
Will have to wait a few months to know which pond heron

No new posts for a few days as internet has been out of action for five days, combined with celebrating our wedding anniversary, wife's birthday and nursing a hangover (rare these days). On both Saturday and Sunday morning I wandered around the local patch, the biggest surprise was shortly after arriving on Saturday morning a Flamingo flew over high heading south, it looked like a greater but views were distant. I do not know what the origins of the bird is, I don't think it is on the Thai list and it is most likely an escape, though it was fully winged and looked in good condition, I am sure many of the zoo's and bird parks in Thailand keep them, the nearest ones to Suphanburi I am aware are held at the bird park in Chai Nat.  

Otherwise birding around the local patch seem to have settled into fairly standard winter birding (though it is still 30 degrees or more daily), but with waters levels constantly changing throughout the winter no doubt a few surprises will appear. Best sightings over the two days were on Saturday two Freckle-breasted Woodpeckers, Watercock, Baillion's Crake, two Bluethroats and a two Red Avadavat and on Sunday three Painted Storks, four Painted Snipe, two Grey-headed Lapwing, Watercock and five Golden Weaver. Highest counts of commoner birds over the two days included three Black-caped Kingfisher, 5 Ruddy-breasted Crake, 13 Pintail Snipe, 11 Wood Sandpiper, two Green Sandpiper, eight Little Ringed Plovers, two Eastern Marsh Harrier, Bhraminy Kite, Siberian Rubythroat, four Yellow-vented Bulbul, 11 Pallas's Grasshopper, 30 Dusky and 35 Oriental Reed Warbler and 100 Baya Weaver.

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