Saturday, March 3, 2012

Night Birds

Collared Owlet
The owl with two faces

Over recent nights, many night birds have been calling from around Malee's Nature Lovers Bungalow Chiang Dao and at the nearby temple, by far the commonest species has been Asian-Barred Owlets with many calling, several throughout the day. Bay Owl was heard calling from forest along the temple steps but was a long way off, other owls calling in the area have included Mountain and Collared Scops, Brown Hawk Owl and during the day several Collared Owlets.

Large-tailed Nightjar

Large-tailed Nightjars have been showing well most nights over the field just before the wildlife HQ and during the night one or two Great Eared Nightjars have been calling. Javan Frogmouths seem to be fairly quiet at the moment with the only record one heard calling distantly along the naturetrail.

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