Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Yesterday drove from Suphanburi to the coast at Cha-am, on route we stopped of at Makro near Petburi, whilst the gang went to stock up on food for the beach, I hung around the car park watching the many Open-billed Storks and Oriental Pratincoles spiralling overhead, along with three Bhraminy Kites. Also overhead here were a group of five Oriental Honey Buzzards and a flock of 15 Black Baza both of the which appeared to be migrating north.

Late morning checked into our beach front bungalow at Cha-am, where the worlds slowest Internet, hence short postings and a lack of photos or video. Whilst sitting and drinking on the beach small numbers of Common and Whiskered Terns fed off shore, along with a single Caspian. Early evening we enjoyed some excellent sea food the Lucky 2 restaurant on the quayside, good numbers of Brown-headed Gulls (including some in breeding plumage) and Whiskered Terns fed amongst the boats. 

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