Monday, December 19, 2016

Rosy Pastor

There was no sign of the European Starling Saturday morning, but bizarrely in the same area an immature Rose-coloured Starling was present with the same flock of Pied Mynas, the second new Starling for the patch in a week! Though slightly more common than European Starling, it is still a scarce/rare winter visitor to Thailand, with the only other one I have seen being at the rubbish dump at Leam Pak Bia in 2014.

Pied Myna by Fred Rowe

A smart male Cotton Pygmy Goose was also noted, this used to be much more frequent up to a few years ago, but has become scarce since the conversion of several fish ponds to rice paddies. The Eastern Buzzard was still present as were up to 287 Grey-headed Lapwing. A single Baillion's Crake was seen well but briefly, along 5 Ruddy-breasted Crake and a Watercock. 

The number of waders around the site were fewer, but did include a Greater Painted Snipe and 8 Pin-tailed Snipe.  A wander through some dry paddies and scrub produced at least 3 Bluethroats and 4 Thick-billed Warbler.  

A full list of species seen can be found on EBird


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