Thursday, December 10, 2015

Winter Visitors

Purple Heron by Fred Rowe
Though there were plenty of birds on the local patch at Suphanburi this morning, they were mostly the same standard species I have been seeing over the past few weeks, so this morning I decided to make an effort and count all the winter visitors which now seem to present in good numbers, producing some good totals with: 6 Common Kingfisher, 3 Black-backed Kingfisher, 55 Whiskered Tern, 2 Grey Heron, 2 Purple Heron, 9 Brown Shrike, 5 Black-naped Oriole, 3 Taiga Flycatcher, 3 Siberian Rubythroat, 16 Eastern Stonechat, 400 Eurasian Swallow, 17 Black-browed Reed Warbler, 4 Pallas's Grasshopper Warbler, 2 Lanceolated Warbler, 33 Oriental Reed Warbler, 2 Thick-billed Warbler, 8 Yellow-browed Warbler and 8 Red-throated Pipit.  
Oriental Reed Warbler by Fred Rowe
With water levels being low and most of the area covered in half grown rice, there are currently very few areas of open water, as a result wader numbers were low, and apart from good numbers of Red-wattled Lapwing, the only other waders noted were 2 Little Ringed Plover, 4 Pintail, 2 Common and 7 Painted Snipe
Indian Cormorant by Fred Rowe
Resident species included two Slaty-Breasted Rail, 3 Ruddy-breasted Crake, 4 Bronze-winged Jacana, 8 Yellow Bittern, a flock of 120 Indian Cormorant, 50 Asian Golden Weaver and 4 Red Avadavat. 

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