Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Bamboo Woodpecker

Most of the morning was spent birding on the nature trail, or the mosquito trail as it should be renamed, as there were clouds of the buggers. Best bird was a Bamboo Woodpecker which was seen well but briefly in the mature bamboo at the summit of the trail, another bird drumming nearby was also presumed this species. Other birds were few and far between, but in the bamboo a male and two female Red Junglefowl showed well, along with 4 Yellow-bellied Warbler, several White-rumped Shama, Hill Blue Flycatcher, Rufescent Prinia and two Radde's Warblers. Birds elsewhere along the trail included 3 Siberian Blue Robins, 2 Buff-breasted Babblers, Black-throated Sunbird, 2 Sultan Tit and a Banded Bay Cuckoo, meagre pickings for about four and half hours birding.

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