Monday, November 18, 2013

A Rubbish Week

Ten days ago I developed a sore leg, which at the time I though was pulled muscle, during last Tuesday evening my leg began to swell and within an hour became red, hot and inflamed, followed by me feeling increasingly unwell, after a quick dash to hospital in Chiang Mai where within ten minutes of arriving I was diagnosed with cellulitis probably from a mosquito bite on my ankle which I had scratched. A few minutes later I  was hooked up to a huge dose of IV antibiotics with another course the next day after which I was sent home with a shopping bag full of medication including another ten days of heavy duty antibiotics. The infection soon cleared but the side effects of the medication left me feeling really rubbish, all apart from the antibiotics were finished yesterday and today is the first day in a week that I feel like I am not dying! I dusted down the bins for the first time in over a week and sat in the garden, seeing a couple of Crested Serpant Eagles and a Violet Cuckoo. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to walk up to the temple.

I am not the first birder in Thailand to be hit with this and it is worth trying not to scratch any bites and keeping any open wounds especially on your legs clean and covered

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  1. Gosh Neil just seen this and I am glad you got it sorted so early on. My misfortunes started with Cellulitis and got worse. I had my first twitch in 8 months this weekend because of the Big C which became NF, Necrotising Fasciitis, as we call it; take care and go back to hospital immediately if there are any complications or if you get any cuts or wounds dirty.