Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wedge-tailed Pigeons

Red-whiskered Bulbul
Chiang Dao
Still a common bird around Chiang Dao
but declining across much of Thailand due to trapping

Between Jan 11th and 16th we spent five nights at Chiang Dao, during when we spent some time birding around Wat Tham Pha Plong and along the road to Muang Khong. Best birds were a large flock of 28 Wedge-tailed Green Pigeons feeding in fruiting trees around 10 kilometers past the checkpoint, probably the largest flock of this species I have ever seen. The were plenty of birds along the higher parts of the Checkpoint Road including several Grey-capped Pygmy and Stripe-breasted Woodepckers, Blue-eared and Blue-throated Barbets, two Grey-backed Shrike, Slender-billed Oriole, Long-tailed and Grey-chinned Minivet, Asian Paradise Flycatcher, Hill Blue Flycatcher and Grey Tit.

Birding around the Wat was pretty slow but did include Green-legged Partridge calling from at least five locations, the tame Silver Pheasant, Bay Woodpecker, Drongo Cuckoo, calling Emerald Ground Dove, Asian Fairy Bluebird and several Grey-crowned Warbler.

The heat of the day and one morning was spent birding around Malee Nature Lover Bungalow, where a large clump of seeding bamboo always contained plenty of birds including an obliging male Chestnut Bunting, a Grey Crowned Warbler, several large flocks of Japanese White-eyes and numerous bulbuls. Birds overhead included a a Rufous-winged Buzzard, Crested Serpant Eagle and many Striated Swallows, but as usual during the colder winter months no Crested Treeswifts.    

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