Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Butterflies of Thailand

Tuesday picked up the recently published second edition Butterflies of Thailand English Edition, from the Siam Insect Zoo in Chiang Mai. An impressive volume weighing in at just under 3kg and 943 pages, covering all of the 1604 species and sub-species recorded in Thailand. Initial impressions are that it is good and will be a valuable resource, my only criticism is the omission of any flight period data. Copies are currently available at the Siam Insect Zoo priced 1750 Thai Baht, internatioanl postage and package will probably double the price. More information can be found at

Prior to heavy rain this morning whilst birding I did manage to identify and photograph a number of species around the temple at Chiang Dao including Common Five Ring, Common Chocolate Demon, Forest Quaker, Chocolate Pansy, Orange Oakleaf, Lime Butterfly, White Dragontail, Red-breasted Jezebel, Psyche, Yellow Orange Tip, Common Wanderer, Plain Tiger, Common Indian Crow, Common Palmfly, many unidentified Grass Yellows and various others still to identify.

Forest Quaker Chiang Dao

Common Chocolate Demon
Chiang Dao
Common Five Ring
Chiang Dao

Common Sailor
Chiang Dao
The Lime
Chiang Dao

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  1. Just to say that this book is now available in the UK priced between £90-110

    Wildsounds in Norfolk seem to be cheapest but the first batch sold out quickly and I'm told that there are now only 12 remaining copies in the UK.

    Andy Adcock, UK